Copper plated steel wire

Conforming to ASTM B227 and custom-made to our clients’ requirements, our “copper plated steel wire”, or CP wire, is made of specialized soft steel or low-carbon steel wire, electroplated with a relatively thick layer of copper to increase final conductivity to 30% (~22% copper, ~78% steel) to 40% (~35% copper, ~65% steel).

“Tin plated CP wire” is CP wire that has a thick layer of tin electrically cladded on the surface. The copper-steel and copper-tin bonding is so strong that the final product can stand severe manufacturing processes without stripping the metal clad.

Soft steel is 3~6 times more durable than normal copper wire, in terms of resistance to bending and vibration. Combining processability (copper) with bendability and toughness (soft steel), CP wire significantly reduces risk of being broken or damaged, hence finds very good use in affixing contacts or assembly of electronic parts.

Another advantage of CP wire over pure copper wire comes from its poor thermal conductivity, which makes it feasible to perform soldering on one side of a component without impacting the remaining part.

Application: transformer, condenser, power supply, stepping motor, spring, car antenna, coaxial cable, leadwire